Who We Support

At LCMG, we believe strongly in the important role nonprofit organizations play in our society, and we're committed to supporting organizations that advocate for children, families and education. Please consider joining us with a financial contribution to:


Alliance for Children's Rights

The Alliance for Children's Rights is the only non-profit agency in Los Angeles County devoted solely to providing free legal services to children living in poverty both in and out of the foster care system. Since its founding in 1992, the Alliance has served nearly 100,000 children and youth in Los Angeles County, helping to provide what all kids need -- a safe permanent home, a good education and access to quality medical care.


The California Center for Public Health Advocacy

CCPHA's work primarily addresses the growing epidemic of childhood obesity by advocating for state and local public policies that promote healthy eating and physical activity. They currently focus on three main policy strategies: (1) physical education in public schools, (2) expanding access to healthy food in communities, and (3) assuring implementation of school nutrition standards.


Clinton Foundation

To accomplish its goals, the Clinton Foundation has established separate initiatives, each with a distinct mission but all reflecting President Clinton’s founding vision: to implement sustainable programs that improve access worldwide to investment, opportunity, and lifesaving services now and for future generations. Working in diverse geographic regions and responding to local needs, the initiatives address targeted challenges in the Foundation’s key areas of focus: economic empowerment, education, environment and energy, health systems, and nutrition.


California Women's Law Center

The California Women's Law Center is soley dedicated to protecting and advancing the unique legal rights and needs of women and girls.  CWLC focuses its work on gender discrimination, violence against women, women's health and reproductive justice issues.  Founded in 1989 by leaders in L.A.'s women's law community, CWLC's mission is to advocate for opportunity, defend the rights, and, ensure the constitutional promise of equality for, women and girls. 



L.A.'s Best

L.A.'s best was founded by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in 1988 to address an alarming rise in the lack of adequate adult supervision of elementary school children in the City of Los Angeles during the critical hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Currently serving 28,000 kids at 180 elementary school sites in L.A. neighborhoods most vulnerable to gangs, drugs, crime and at schools with the lowest student test scores. L.A.'s best provides safe and supervised after school education, enrichment and recreation program for elementary school stduents.


New Image Shelter

With facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles area, New Image Emergency Shelter serves a population of homeless and low income families with children. Founded by identical twin sisters Brenda Wilson and Lynda Moran in 1989, New Image's mission is to decrease and prevent homelessness throughout L.A. County by proving shelter and transitional housing, job search and placement, outreach and referral services, primarily to families with children. New Image operates facilities and services with local, state and federal grants, as well as private contributions, serving more than 1.5 homeless people in L.A.


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