Unique Strategic Approach

Celia Fischer and Julie Buckner

Founded by two women who think a little differently from the rest of the consulting pack, LCMG digs in, works hard – and relishes every challenge.


We are political and public affairs consultants. We are strategists, planners, doers and realists. And we distinguish ourselves from our competition because we become a part of your team, and that’s a role we take very seriously. If necessary, we are the first people you talk to in the morning – and the last people you talk to at night. We strive to earn more than just your dollars – we work to gain your trust and respect.


We want to know and understand each of our clients, your communications objectives and your competitive challenges. We are creative, we are willing to look at the world in new ways, and bring a freshness, vibrancy and sense of purpose to everything we do. We know the old way of doing things, and we are not afraid to do it a little differently.


We bring a full set of tools for every project we undertake. Advertising, press relations, message development, strategic planning, research, budgeting, coalition building and organizing. Our work on behalf of clients breaks through the noise, clutter and confusion.


When necessary, we bring on the right strategic partners – sometimes even our competitors – to meet our clients’ needs.


We understand that strategy – the right plan combined with a strong message targeted to an appropriate audience - is the foundation of every successful communications challenge. So, we dig deep to develop our advertising and awareness campaigns.


Whether our client is a candidate running for public office, an organization pursuing a policy agenda, an advocacy group working to educate the public, or a company hoping to steer public opinion, we work with you to come up with unique solutions. We deliver results on task, on time and on budget. That’s our mission and our promise.


Whatever your political, business or advocacy goals, we take them on as if they’re our own. Back To Top


The core of our business is creative advertising, but we’re nothing like your typical ad agency.


As a part of your team, we handle all of your paid media – including television, radio, print and Internet advertising – from conceptualization through writing, production and post-production to the placement of commercials on the air.

And then we do more:


  • Persuasion

    – We partner with your team until we’ve honed the sharpest, most persuasive message for your project, and focus your message delivery strategy like a laser beam. We work with the issues and policy researchers to analyze the landscape, to determine the strengths and identify the flaws of our client and any opposition they face in the public arena. We drill down with opinion researchers/pollsters to field a quality questionnaire and fully test all the arguments. And then we keep going, helping your team to seamlessly incorporate your message into every delivery device – including your public appearances, speeches and media interviews and the project’s written/printed materials and all LCMG-produced paid media.

  • Production

    - We write the commercial scripts, provide the commercial director and the entire production crew, scout and secure necessary commercial shoot locations, shoot all film/video, record all necessary audio and voice-overs, collect and process any additional production stills and materials, edit all commercials, produce the master recordings and then handle distribution of dubs to commercial outlets. We harness our team for you, including our extremely experienced ad copywriters, strong and experienced commercial directors, post-production specialists with specific experience in political commercial work, managers with deep budgeting experience and a media buyer who has placed media for hundreds of campaigns and handled media budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We work tirelessly to deliver a unique and persuasive product – advertisements that work for you.

  • Placement

    - We plan and execute effectively targeted and efficient media buys. We research station availability and recommend budgets, markets, schedules and programming. We place the commercial order and send spots to stations, and then monitor and reconcile to ensure that stations run commercials as ordered. We work hard to negotiate ad rates that give clients the biggest bang possible for their media buck. Back To Top

Strategic Planning, Campaign Consulting & Project Management

Strategic Planning Image

Every client has different needs.  Every client deserves a fresh approach.  Every strategy must be unique. Before we undertake a project, we must first understand each facet, each level of your organization, project or campaign – from the big-picture, long-term “vision thing” to the specific details of your day-to-day operations. We apply strategic thinking to every core service -- from message development to media relations, from coalition building to crisis management -- because each is a function of the larger strategy, and none exists in a vacuum.


And so, while advertising is the heart of our business and we are extremely proud of the ads we make, however Laurel Canyon Media Group is prepared to help you with a complete suite of campaign consulting services.


We’ll provide strategic advice on everything from policy, research and message development to fundraising, administration and day-to-day management. We’ll work with you to build and train the best staff possible. We’ll help you write your campaign and project plans, and we can design and facilitate your staff and training retreats. We’ll help you develop budgets – in fact, LCMG’s partners have specific budgeting expertise, having developed, managed, monitored and audited more campaign and project budgets than almost any consultants working today.


We are experienced builders of political coalitions, field operations, and massive grassroots and ground operations. We’re experts at audience and voter targeting. We’ll guide you through this process.


With our extensive strategic communications experience, we can help you with earned media planning, strategic scheduling, event planning and sophisticated advance training. We train media spokespeople, impose message discipline, prepare candidates and officials for public appearances, interviews, debates and editorial boards and serve as spokespersons ourselves. Back To Top

Media Relations

Media Relations On Air Imag

LCMG designs and implements proactive, client-specific media relations programs by tapping into our productive, respectful and on-going relationships with the news media. 


We help you manage competitive, challenging and sometimes controversial situations in the media. Often, a client’s goal is to achieve prominent placement in international, national and regional news outlets. But maybe your ideal is to “fly below the radar” until you are ready to tell your story to the press or the public. 


We believe that we best serve our clients’ needs by objectively evaluating your desired goals – and attendant news value.   We help clients develop persuasive messaging, and we identify, assist and train spokespeople to effectively communicate that message through the media, both traditional and online.


Our job is also to strategically disseminate the message to the appropriate news outlets (and other key audiences) at the appropriate time. We maintain relationships with national, state and local news media, including television, radio and print reporters and editors. When appropriate, we will jump in ourselves and serve as the official spokesperson for your business, organization or campaign.


Importantly, and increasingly, the “traditional” media is influenced, and often overtaken, by news stories and commentary originating through online sources. We work with clients – and traditional and online media – to move, shape and respond to the fast and rapidly changing information world. Back To Top

Coalition Building

Coalition Building Audience and Mic Image

Successful promotion of a project, policy, product or political campaign often requires engaging the public and core constituencies and, ultimately, mobilizing support.


By conducting intensive outreach programs to targeted stakeholder groups and opinion leaders (such as elected officials, regulatory agencies, business and civic groups, industry associations, community groups, advocacy organizations, etc.), educating such groups and building strong coalitions among them, LCMG is able to effectively generate and mobilize substantial support for organizational projects, corporate business strategies, and statewide and regional political campaigns. Back To Top

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications Finding the way image

Managing controversial litigation, shareholder disputes, land use disagreements and the endless array of public image problems requires sound judgment, a cool head and a balanced, integrated approach.


LCMG’s partners have managed a variety of crisis situations in the public and private sectors, including those involving corporate and public official malfeasance, land-use and environmental challenges and controversial political/business partnerships, tackling complex issues and balancing message delivery for varying and, often, competing audiences.


Additionally, LCMG has prepared risk communications programs for public and private sector clients. Back To Top

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