Company Profile


Celia Fischer and Julie Buckner

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Laurel Canyon Media Group, Inc. (LCMG) is a national media production, political consulting and strategic communications firm. With broad and deep experience, we harness our passion for public affairs and politics to provide a limited group of clients with superior, focused, creative support in advertising, strategic communications and management consulting.


LCMG is led by two seasoned political veterans – Celia Fischer and Julie Buckner. Combined, we bring more than 40 years of experience in advertising, strategic communications, political consulting, public affairs, media relations, and project management to the firm.


Celia and Julie have been collaborating on projects since 1995, when we first came together as the lead strategists and on-the-ground managers for Victory ’96, the Clinton/Gore re-election effort in California. Since then, we’ve expanded our experience and expertise with corporate consulting clients, but our passion for politics and policy remains a constant in our lives and our work.

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